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Real Estate: Sales or Service Industry?

Is real estate a sales or service industry? I have seen a definition of a REALTOR® as a "tour guide, consultant, therapist, advisor, and best friend of 3+ month. see also: wizard, magician." Let's take a look at the activities from both perspectives.

Sales Industry- Real estate obviously involves helping sellers sell a home or buyers buy a home. So yes, there is a sales aspect. However, there are so many things that happen between putting the sign in the yard or submitting an offer and getting to the closing table.

Service Industry- Think of a real estate agent as an orchestra conductor who coordinates all the other people and services involved and keeping everyone on track to close. Every transaction is different, but here is a list of some services real estate agents may provide to their customers:

  • Helping sellers determine potential repairs needed before listing

  • Preparing Market Analysis for an accurate price

  • Meeting the professional photographer for listing photos

  • Marketing on the property on digital and traditional channels

  • Inviting the neighbors to an open house

  • Meeting the inspector, repair people, and the appraiser

  • Helping negotiate the sale or purchase price, repairs and concessions

  • Connecting buyers to lenders

  • Searching for properties within a buyer's criteria

  • Setting up showings for a buyer

  • Coordinating between the title company and the buyer or seller

  • Completing all the paperwork required for the sale

  • Therapist- A real estate transaction can be stressful at times

  • Preparing buyer and seller closing gifts (This is one of our favorite parts!)

  • Handing over the keys (Our other favorite part!)

So you have already probably guessed, the Brice Everill Home Team considers real estate more of a service industry and that is what we love about it! For us, real estate is about community and relationships! We love helping our buyers find the perfect home and sellers achieve their real estate goals. How can we help your today? Just click the Request a Consult button at the top of the page is you have any questions.

And as always, we are honored by your referrals!

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Until next time!

Brice Everill Home Team

Jocelyn Brice, REALTOR®

Kelly Everill, REALTOR®

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