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Living on the Wild Side: Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Living on the Wild Side: The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

American Alligator

The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens is a delightful outing for kids of all ages. From the gentle Florida Manatee to the American Alligator, from the River Vally Aviary to the Range of the Jaguar, from the Reticulated Giraffe to the Western Lowland Gorilla, everyone will have a favorite!

Reticulated Giraffe

The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens consists of approximately 115 acres with over 2,000 animal and 1,000 plants it is divided up into 11 different exhibits: The Africa Loop, African Forest, Australian Adventure, Giraffe Overlook, Land of the Tiger, Play Park & Splash Ground, Range of the Jaguar, River Valley Aviary, Stingray Bay, and last, but not least, Wild Florida.

Malayan Tiger

In addition to touring the Zoo & Garden, they host events throughout the year, such as IllumiNights Summer Spectacle, Wine and Cheese - with Goats!, Tastings with Tigers, the Snapshot Society, and more.

Caribbean Flamingo

You can purchase tickets in advance or the day of your visit. If you do purchase tickets in advance, your will save $5. There are also different levels of membership that would meet everyone's needs.

Malayan Tiger Paws

For more information and to get your paws on some tickets, just hop on over the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens today.

Until Next Time! Remember to BE Local!

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